My Process


Meet & Greet

It is extremely important that we get together so I can get to know you and your story, see if we're a good fit and so I guarantee that I'm exactly what you need for your Wedding Day.


Client Welcome Package

After you've secured your date you'll be receiving my welcome package filled with spoils and a Wedding Guide full of tips and tricks on how to make your photographs turn out flawless!


Questionnaires & Timeline Creation

Between the many phone calls and chats we're going to have I'll be sending you various questionnaires to help me get all the information I need to accomplish perfection. I will also assist in creating a photo based timeline that ties in with your master timeline.



If your package includes an engagement session, or you book one separately, this will also take place somewhere before the wedding!


The Wedding

On your wedding day I will show up knowing exactly what you feel anxious about and how to handle it. Be your advocate, cheerleader and most likely sobbing behind my camera.


Reveal Celebration & Ordering Appointment

8 to 10 weeks after your amazing wedding we will pop champagne and do an in-person reveal session where you will experience every butterfly moment all over again when you see your pictures for the first time. This is also when you may order prints and albums.



Last but not least, we will keep in touch. Remember when I said you'll be making a friend for life?

Do you want more than just a bookpayshootdeliverbye experience?