Top 5 Locations for Elopements in the Garden Route

Top 5 elopement locations in the Garden Route

Top 5 Locations for Elopements in
the Garden Route

A lot of people flock to the Garden Route for its breathtaking scenery and vivid coastlines. It has also become the wedding destination capital of South Africa, with so many gorgeous venues to choose from. But, with adventure elopements becoming more and more familiar it is also one of the best places in the country to elope because of its variety in scenery.
Many of the popular locations are not so well known to first time elopers. That’s why I went ahead and created this list of my top 5 locations for elopements in the Garden Route: West of knysna, so you can see what this gorgeous place has to offer for those wild hearted adventurers like you. Don’t worry there is a post in the making for Top 5 locations East of Knysna and I will link it here once it’s ready. Let’s dive in:

Top 5 locations for elopements in the Garden Route

1. Vensterberg

As most of you know, I am an absolute sucker for views. if you are the same, this one is for you!
deep in the outeniqua mountains lies vensterberg, It’s probably the one on this list that requires the most hiking and is maybe not the easiest if you are not hike fit (but it is totally doable). I did this climb 8 weeks after my c-section and i survived!
it’s definitely For the early birds, because it’s best at sunrise, since the sun comes up right behind these gorgeous views.

Location #1 of Top 5 locations for elopements in the Garden Route: The epic 2km climb that will make you feel like you found heaven

The morning of this specific session in the photo, we got up at 3am and started hiking at 4 so we could reach the top at 5 to be in time for sunrise.
Guess what happened? The clouds came rolling in and there was no sunrise, but we literally felt like we were in heaven, the clouds completely encapsulated us and the mountains. And it ended up creating the most amazing photographs. But that’s the thing with mountain top Elopements – the weather is unpredictable and you will have to plan for it, but luckily I can help you with that!

2. Voëlklip

If you are looking for the perfect ocean, fynbos and cliffs combo, this is it. Voëlklip is an area near Herold’s Bay that is open to the public with unparalleled views and gorgeous vegetation it really stands out above the rest.
Even though Voëlklip does not have the best reputation when it comes to safety, it is a really stunning location if you follow the proper safety protocols. for instance, no drinking – when driving the windy roads on the edge of the cliffs. knowing when the tides are high if you plan on going to the bottom etc.

Location #2 of Top 5 locations for elopements in the Garden Route: The holy trinity of Garden Route beauty

This specific location is easily accessible and also perfect if you want to do an intimate gathering where it’s not just the two of you. Another really great benefit here, is that you can do either sunrise or sunset because the direction of this location is smack bang in the middle facing South, meaning you’ve got gorgeous sunrises and gorgeous sunsets (depending on what time of year of course)

Top 5 locations for elopements in the Garden Route

3.Outeniqua Mountain Reserve

This one is so close to my heart, I’ve shot here many times and the sunsets are magnificent. The wonder of the hills completely consumes you with 360 degree mountain views and there is so much space, not only if you wanted to bring along your family but sooo many different spots for good photographs.
This location is also actually easily accessible even though it feels like you are in a different world.

Location #3 of Top 5 locations for elopements in the Garden Route: The Alps of the Garden Route

When eloping here it is also important to plan for unpredictable weather, you are much closer to your transport than with Vensterberg, but the clouds and rain can literally come in at any moment. It’s also very important to bring comfy shoes!!! Yes you will be wearing boots for the hike, but the terrain is rough and slippery so be sure to wear sturdy shoes with a good grip.

4. Buffels Bay

If you are more of a beach person than a mountain goat, this location is an absolute gem. Buffels Bay is a very popular holiday destination, but this stretch of beach is actually not in the heart of the town and it has the space to accommodate more than just the two of you.
Sometimes beach elopements can seem super cliché, but one of the benefits of the Garden Route is of course that you have so much greenery literally next to the beaches here.

Top 5 locations for elopements in the Garden Route

Location #4 of Top 5 locations for elopements in the Garden Route: Pearly white beaches with a touch of Nature Reserve

This location is part of the Goukamma Nature Reserve. Something that you should remember when planning to elope in a Nature Conservation park is that you need the proper permits that allow you to do so. This is not as intimidating as it sounds, so don’t stress when you hear the word – I will be helping you with this process to make sure you have everything in order for the big day.

Top 5 locations for elopements in the Garden Route

5.Garden Route Botanical Gardens

I don’t know if you know this, but you can actually get hitched at the garden route botanical gardens. And not only is it a perfect space for an intimate wedding, the forest scenery around it is so good for photos.
They actually have more than one dedicated space for intimate weddings that is super affordable and yet still beautiful.

Location #5 of Top 5 locations for elopements in the Garden Route: Lush green forests you probably didn’t know existed

One thing about this location that did come across a bit off-putting to me is definitely the fact that you can’t drive everywhere and you need to walk long distances to get to certain spots. It’s not a deal-breaker but definitely something to keep in mind if you are having an intimated wedding where grandparents will be present. If it’s just the two of you it shouldn’t be a big issue and if you are a forest lover I can promise the golden pot at the end of the rainbow with this one!
While I love all of these location listed above, the one I love the most is definitely 1. Vensterberg. Mainly because of the views, the adventure of the journey it takes to get to the top and the absolute epicness of the photo opportunities once you reach it. I mean how many people can say I eloped on a mountain top, right?
If you are planning on eloping in the Garden Route, I hope this list offers you some guidance whether you are looking for a mountain top, beach or forest location!

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